Upon the sprawling Realm of Elerel, the eyes of the Gods fall this day. Deep within the hinterlands of the ancient mountains of Carok, tensions and tempers have begun to stir. The Realm of Elerel holds many wonders and a long history. Many kingdoms exist here. Some war with one another – from petty nobles squabbling amongst themselves to the mustered races in arms – yet some maintain longstanding peace through ageless alliances. If one thing is certain, it’s that time alters all things.

Where once there was what could be called quiet, those with the means to know have sensed the shift in clime of late. As the squabbling increases and tribes from various origins press their luck, change is at last on the horizon, For good – or for ill – The Realm of Elerel will be remade at long last. What awaits the denizens of the cliffbound Monastery of Carok, and the surrounding regions? And when fortune smiles on the denizens of this plane, does a rising tide truly lift all ships?

This is my absolute first attempt at a narrative driven D&D 3.5 Campaign. I’m sure it will go just swimmingly for all involved.

A Rising Tide

oliveteacup HarleyAbster