A Rising Tide

Aeved, The Seer

As the sun dipped into the horizon, our heroes met the Red Prince’s huntsman at the gates of the city. By horseback they set out to seek an audience with the Seer, Aeved. No more than an hour outside of the city, Avery and Nephera spotted a flicker of light through the darkness. Nephera cautiously suggested the group avoid the camp, but Oron and Avery were eager to investigate. Upon their approach, it was quickly discovered that the campfire belonged to four hulking Hobgoblins. As the Hobgoblins sat grumbling in their foreign language, unaware of the threat in the shadows, the cleric and the rogue debated taking these villains on. Unsurprisingly, Oron struck out on his own- forcing Avery and Nephera to follow. They struck the Hobgoblins, hacking and casting their way to victory. High off of this decisive win, they were hardly prepared when another wave of Hobgoblins found them! Again they fought, this time harder and with some injury, but alas they were victorious. Oron nursed his wounds as his two companions scavenged for treasure. Nephera, hoping to shove an ugly Hobgoblin head or two in a few royal faces, collected several souvenirs before they continued on their path to the Seer. After a long journey, the adventurers came upon a cave- forcing them to leave their mounts for the remainder of the trip. Venturing forth with torches, the rogue managed to disarm an active trap only moments before the three of them heard movement ahead. They heard the squabbling of Kobolds echoing throughout the cave and they crept closer, hoping to take advantage of the situation. Avery fired an arrow, which missed, confusing the reptilian creatures before a brawl broke out. Most of the Kobolds went down within the first few minutes, but one particular Kobold gave Oron an infuriatingly persistent fight. Finally the Kobolds were defeated and the three travelers found their way out the other side of the cave. Upon exiting the cave, they found their selves in a forest of wiry trees, their branches bare and twisted. They soon came upon a crumbling structure covered in vines and thick moss and it seemed very much abandoned, although Oron seemed to believe otherwise. Finding their way inside, they stepped over piles of rotting and moldy books and passed many different wall clocks. Avery found a passage that let them to a room with a large desk holding more books. Sitting behind the desk was the Seer, Aeved, but she wasn’t anything like they expected. Mumbling like a madwoman, the elf had nothing of substance to say to the three travelers. Oron asked her some questions on the orders of his prince, but the answers were nonsense or incredibly vague. As the adventurers were about to leave dejectedly, Aeved seized up and her eyes and many intricate tattoos that marred her body lit up, as if she was bursting from the seams. In a voice not her own, she addressed herself as Balitra. Speaking only to Avery and Nephera, Balitra spoke of a portal that would open and of an ancient evil that would be unleashed on the world. She told them that they were the key to stopping this chaos and that they would play a vital role in bringing both this ancient evil and the Hobgoblins that follow to their destruction. The lights disappeared, as did Balitra. All that remained was the mad Seer, Aeved who convulsed and vomited black bile before falling unconscious. Oron, who no one noticed had been frozen the moment Balitra appeared, fell to the floor with black tar like tears. Unable to explain what had happened moments before, they exited the decaying building- carrying Aeved’s unconscious body with them when an arrow flew past Nephera’s head and buried itself into Avery’s leg. They found an ominous message attached to the arrow that read ‘how taste your fear’. Oron, realizing the origins of this message, briefly explained to his companions that his men had been terrorized by one who calls himself Detetar and impulsively ran after this stalker in the woods. Abandoned by Oron, Nephera struggled to get both the Seer and her injured rogue friend back to the horses where they set off for the Princely City. There, they confronted the Red Prince with the news of their journey, while leaving out the bit about them being the key to ending the battle. Frustrated by the prince’s inaction, Avery and Nephera went to seek audiences with the other princes who offered their support with the understanding that they would also have to help them with their own problems. Despite the tiresome ‘favors for favors’ deal that would have to be struck, the Blue Prince seemed all the more willing to support their endeavors. Avery and Nephera left with a little more confidence that they would take back Carok and defeat those terrible Hobgoblins once and for all.



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