A Rising Tide

The Cart Before the Horse

Adventure 1 - Introductions

Thanks for the notes, Olivia!

The sun was setting behind the Mountains of Carok as a weary traveler climbed the steep dirt path toward the ancient Elven town by the same name. Large cart in tow, the outsider spotted a tavern as she entered the settlement. The traveler, Avery Martell, was a merchant and had journeyed all the way from Den’sha to sell her wares. The tattered wooden sign hanging over the tavern door that read ‘ The Fallen Leaf’ swung back and forth as a chilly gust of wind rustled the surrounding trees. Avery set her cart down beside the tavern window before entering the establishment.

Upon entry, she was greeted by a half-elf barkeep who introduced himself as Maleik. The rumble of jovial conversation by the tavern patrons and warm ambiance of the old wooden structure were welcoming sights to the traveler as she was ushered toward the last unoccupied table. Moments later, the tavern door opened once more and a young woman with wild red hair entered. The woman, Nephera, was a half-elf cleric who traveled to Carok for the vast knowledge provided by the great ancient elven library the town offered. Nephera greeted Maleik with a bright smile. A smile that faded the moment she set eyes upon the unknown traveler. The half-elf, having ill history with humans in the past, was uneasy with the new guest.

Tension rose as the two women shared the table and Maleik did what he could to best the tides, serving them his specialty Elven cakes. Maleik encouraged the young half-elf to be nice, as the traveler had money to spend. And since the barkeep had been serving the red-haired woman without charge these past weeks, she felt Maleik was owed at least her civility. The two women made pleasant, albeit sparse conversation until Maleik called to the traveler from the tavern door. Her cart was gone, taken! The half-elf, only slightly interested in this stranger’s problem, moved to see what was going on. Her heightened senses allowed her to spot the cart even as the sun fell. And the thieves pushing the goods away.

In alarm, the traveler took up arms, determined to reclaim her livelihood. And with some convincing from Maleik, the half-elf accompanied her. They approached the villains and discovered them to be Kobolds! The Kobolds were heading toward the forest, in the hopes to disappear amidst the trees. Attacking at once, Nephera struck at one of the Kobolds with her quarterstaff, but the blow did not land. Taking advantage of this opening, the closest of the reptilian creatures thrust its spear at her, piercing her chest. Avery, catching up, struck one of the Kobolds down- allowing Nephera the chance to heal herself with her magic during the chaos. The rogue caught up to the second Kobold, hitting it with such force, that it fell from the cliffs that bordered the path toward the forest. But looking back, she saw the half-elf nursing her injury and her opportunity to take down the third and final Kobold slipped away.

It was dark by the time they made it back to the tavern, cart in tow. Nephera stomped up the ill-maintained tavern stairs up to her room, eager to find her bed and be done with this foolishness.




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