A Rising Tide

The Glory of War

As our duo returned from their meeting the Prince Malgonar Enedras to The Sleeping Beggar, they met with the spymaster Oron Ritham. Having at first disguised himself as a patron of the inn asleep by the fire, he revealed to the party that they would be working together to spread a propaganda message in support of the war on the hobgoblins. More specifically, they would be posing as food and drink vendors in The Ring Theater during a play performance that Oron had written. While so disguised, they would be on the lookout for any signs that the populace was in support or opposition of the war, and to root out any potential troublemakers should they proceed with wartime preparations.

Despite encountering some racism and resistance from the guards at the Ring Theater – humans and half-elves have to use a rear entrance – the three made their way to the seating areas and began their espionage. Nephera quickly made friends with some of the lower-class attendees, doling out free mead in return for their true opinion on war and the Prince Encarmine, and what she found was that there is great support for both. Avery Martell, on the other hand, took over for her companion after the former embarrassed herself in the wealthy box seats, and set about looking both for information from the higher-class, and any easily stolen items, of course. She discovered a relatively less enthusiastic mood among the well-to-do, and isolated one particular noble, Galvia, who was intent upon distributing a pamphlet decrying the rush to war and the propagandistic approach she had seen here.

Oron was less than pleased with this revelation, and the trio set to track her movements after she left the arena. Coming upon her and her guard in an alley, Oron attempted to murder the woman under the guise of a petitioner seeking her signature, but was unsuccessful. Avery and Nephera scrambled through the streets in hot pursuit (Avery less so, having met a number of balance concerns and a rather unfortunate potato situation), but eventually they cornered Galvia on a rooftop, pulling a ladder and her last guard down from the wall, and striking the elf unconscious upon the ground with sap and staff.

Atop the wall, Galvia attempted to negotiate for her life, and threatened that her pamphlet, with incriminating evidence against The House of Aunheath, would be released for certain if she were not let free. Oron, having done away with the guards back near the theater, arrived and made it clear that her survival was not an option. While Avery and Nephera attempted to still his murderous intent, Galvia leaped from the roof and took her own life. As the party descended to the streets and disposed of the bodies in some nearby produce crates, a bitter argument ensued over the morality of the situation and whether Oron’s employer would take kindly to what had happened. It should be noted that Avery and Nephera did loot the bodies, despite their displeasure at these unnecessary deaths.

The two adventurers then reported back to Prince Malgonar, who was well aware of his man’s methods and reputation, stating that he still had use for him and would not be deterred from enjoying his continued employment. With no small amount of distaste, the women left, but not before hearing that the prince still desired their assistance in checking with Aeved, the seer, and hearing if she had any advice on the potential of their war efforts. As they returned to the Inn, Eledhron Auroanc regaled them with stories of how pleased the common folk seemed to be with the play, and that their efforts of the day seemed to be a success.

Unpacking a crate that arrived by courier, Sybeth Colke informed them that some gifts from the palace had arrived – a bevy of valuables and magical items as thanks from Malgonar for a job well done – it seems dirty work can yet reap rewards. The two turned in to bed, hesitant and doubtful but still planning to attend to the seer in the morning, in the company of ‘the good Sir Ritham’ once more.



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