Captain Varanien

Captain of the Guard at Erenon Outpost


Captain Varanien is the commander of the elven forces at Erenon Outpost. A gruff and uncompromising warrior, if perhaps a tad unintelligent, Varanien executes his duty to the letter of the law and in not quick to make accommodations or exceptions.

While claiming he likes to ‘avoid politics’ and keep from stepping on anyone’s toes, he does appear to have a slight bias toward Prince Celador Enedras and The House of Llani, referring the party to make it known to him that the attack on The Monastery of Carok was executed by Severed.


While too young himself to have experienced it himself, Captain Varanien has knowledge of ‘The Last War’ that he shared with the party upon their request.

Captain Varanien

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