[DECEASED] Captain Arcaht


Captain Arcaht was the right hand man to Voronael Enedras, and died as a poisoned arrow struck him, loosed from the bow of Detetar. The arrow was intended for the Baron of Lasiris, but delivered a message to Prince Celador Enedras regardless.


The arrow pierced his chest and the back of his torso, tipped by a bead of clear, stinging venom. His hands trembled as the toxins attacked his blood. When he coughed, steaming bile gurgled from his mouth in a bitter rush. The puke hisses onto the snow, eating holes in the frost with acidic eagerness. The elf barely notices his useless hands falling away from the arrow’s shaft, nor how they curl into arthritic claws. Convulsions wrack his whole body no more than three heartbeats later. The venom has him now. A scream leaves his lips as nothing more than a silent mime."

‘It’s a message.’
‘What does it mean?’ The mayor’s voice trembled.
‘Mark me,’ said Voronael, showing his teeth, ‘I will have the answer to that question, even if I must rip it from the throats of our enemies.’ He delivered the words with cold, feral intent. ‘If this is meant to unman us, the beasts have underestimated the will of the elves of Illmor’

[DECEASED] Captain Arcaht

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