Oron Ritham

Prince Malgonar's Hunstman Prime


Despite his half-elf heritage, Oron Ritham has risen through the ranks of the Knightly Order of Prince Malgonar. Bolstered by a devotion to his Lord that in as unwavering as his aim, Oron has served at The Blessed Encarmine’s side for most of his adult life.

While not truly ‘at home’ in the Princely City, Sir Ritham is deeply familiar with the ‘geography’ and ‘terrain’ of its streets and districts, viewing them much the same as the paths and glades that pepper the forests in the Carok Mountains beyond.


Upon meeting Oron, it was revealed that he knew a great deal about the party, and had been following them for a time.

Despite his rank and position, when visiting The Ring Theater, Oron still had to go through the back entrance, as ‘Humans and Half-Elves don’t use the main entrance’, a topic he shared with some distaste.

Sir Ritham is not only the Spymaster and Huntsman prime for his Lord Prince Malgonar Enedras, but is also a playwright, and has composed several plays and performances for The Ring Theater, including the play the party attended, titled “The Glory of War”, a propoganda piece intended to stir the populace into supporting a campaign against the hobgoblin invaders.

“War is just an elaboration and codification of a much purer activity, which is being alive. Sometimes, at the most basic level, to be alive you must stop other people from being alive."

“I remember seeing the face of the first man I had killed. I expected his expression to register something. Anger, perhaps, defiance, or hatred for me. I expected at least a rictus of agony, or even a look of sadness or dismay. There was nothing – his face was slack. Not one hint of a vital emotion could be read. I have come to learn since that that is the case with the faces of the dead. We find no messages or legacies there, no final communication. Life departs, and the face sinks. As the thread is cut, the tension goes, and only the untended ruin of absence remains.”

“I recognize the look you are giving me now – I have seen it many times before, and it is a part of why I do my Lord’s work on my own when I can. I am known for my ferocity, and am thought by many to be feral and undisciplined. Even my brothers within the Huntsmen consider me to be wild and bestial. And perhaps I am, when I need be. But if that was my natural state, I would surely be dead by now; It takes a considerable amount of self control to be truly dangerous.”

Oron Ritham

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