Prince Celador Enedras

The Fearless


Celador is a serious and stern prince. He has silvered hair and brown eyes, and numerous fearsome piercings. Despite his rough facial features, he wears tailored clothing and carries a picturesque greatsword of the finest elven silver; an heirloom from his father before him, and a prized possession in The House of Llani.

Celador is very interested in taking back the monastery, if for no other reason than to slay an ancestral enemy of his people in the hobgoblins. The preservation of elf heritage and culture is important for his martial honor, but he does not believe he has the current resources to take the town now that it has been fortified and occupied.

He can perhaps be persuaded to join if one of his brothers lends their support and soldiers as well, or if his men can be provided with needed rations and armaments to conduct such a siege, and highest of all; only if he can be assured of a military success.


“Assassins are a tool of the weak, The fearful. They are not a means to end conflicts, only to prolong them.” He paused, his gaze briefly turning inward. “This war will end only when I look that beast in the eyes. When he sees the truth I will make clear to him, he will know I am right, that the monastery belongs to the elves. He will join me in that understanding. And if the wretch does not; Then I – and I alone – will kill him.”

Prince Celador Enedras

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