The Severed are a warband of Hobgoblins under the rule of their Chieftain, Gell Kurgak. Many hobgoblins strong, and well equipped, the Severed have recently captured The Monastery of Carok by force.

Purportedly, the Severed name is in reference to Gell Kurgak. He lost his left hand sometime ago, and as the rumor goes, has refused all attempts at magical healing or restoration, as well as mechanical augmentation. He keeps his left limb handless by choice, it would appear.

As a result, many of his followers paint their left hands garish colors, or carry out ritualistic mutilations of their own left hands, perhaps in solidarity. or perhaps as a point of pride and deference to their Chieftain. Often Severed warriors take the hands of those they capture and wear them as trophies, adorn signs, buildings, walls and horses with them, and many more savage and repulsive displays of wanton brutalism.



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