The Monastery of Carok


The Monastery of Carok, and the town below it, comprise one of the oldest elf settlements in the Carok Mountains. Since even before elves kept a record of such things, the walls of the monastery have stood, dedicated to the spirit of Obad-Hai, the God of Nature. The town stands between ancient oaks, and a motif of acorns and oak leaves adorn the various shops and dwellings scattered throughout.

Other than the Monastery itself, particular locations of note are The Library of Carok and The Fallen Leaf Inn.

The town is also home to an annual autumn celebration: The Festival of Bounty

After the Festival of Bounty was interrupted by an attack by Severed Hobgoblins, it was transformed into a garrisoned and occupied outpost for the warband. Surrounded by hastily-constructed walls, and filled now with many tents and pens, the town of Carok looks every inch the image of destruction.


The Monastery of Carok

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