The Princely City of Illmor


The largest and most prestigious elven city in the entirety of the Carok Mountains, The Princely City of Illmor is so named because of the three princes who rule it in a cooperative Triumvirate system of government. The three cousin princes have ruled for many years, each the son and heir of their respective fathers, the three brother princes who ruled before them in a similar arrangement. Each of these three were the sons of Illmor, the legendary founder of the city.

As the tale goes, Illmor’s untimely demise left his three sons to inherit the city and the surrounding kindom with no clear heir. In a feat of diplomacy and brotherly love, the three sons each agreed to rule as a collective for a hundred years rather than fight over their father’s creation, and their sons have continued this tradition for nearly a hundred years since.

Within the City, there are several locations of interest:
The Palace of Illmor
The Ring Theater
The Sleeping Beggar
Well Rise

The Princely City of Illmor

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