Shady Dealer


Amarien is an old friend of Eledhron’s who runs a ‘business’ of sorts in the Ridgeside Slums of The Princely City of Illmor. She sold some lockpicking tools, as well as some information, to Avery Martell, and arranged for the quiet sale of the tiara belonging to the Late Lady Galvia after Avery had taken it from her dead body.

Resourceful, cunning, and not thethered by moral scruples, Amarien has proven a useful if unexpected ally to our heroes during their time in Illmor.


Speaking of Dunnegar,

“He’s been asking for something like this to happen to him for a long time now. The dwarf seems to have it out for Thilonde specifically. Most of us steal for different reasons – some people need to feed their kids, some want to get rich fast, others ride the thrill, and some do it just to spite the rich – but not this one. He doesn’t seem to enjoy any of it, this is all too personal for him.

I know that if you lot don’t run him through today, somebody else will soon enough, so I won’t waste my breath trying to get you to spare him – never much liked him anyway. I WILL, however, ask you not to kill too many of the others he’s got with him. Plenty of talented hands he’s racked up and I would hate to lose them if it isn’t necessary. Try to get in, get what you need, and get out, will you? I need thieves for my work too, and some of them are my friends."


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