Dwarf Revolutionary


Dunnegar is the leader of the thieves in the sewers, rooted out by Nephera, Avery, and the Garantine during their foray into the sewers beneath the Ridgeside Slums in The Princely City of Illmor at Prince Thilonde Enedras’ request. He managed to escape their grasp with Thilonde’s lockbox, and his whereabouts are unknown. He was apparently stockpiling explosives, but for what purpose has yet to be determined. Avery and Nephera obtained some of the explosives and delivered them to the grey prince.


Of Prince Thilonde Enedras,

“What he has done to my home, my people, it can never be forgiven. So many of my friends have died fighting him, and I have only survived so long because I was biting at his ankles, hiding in the sewers. and disrupting his plans from the shadow. It looks like I finally popped my head up too far this time, but it’s no matter. This was bound to happen someday. You let him know there are a thousand dwarves who are waiting to piss on him in the next life”


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