Prince Thilonde's Thrall


Curt, and somewhat uncultured, Garantine is tasked with the ‘supervision’ of these two outsiders while they ‘assist’ her Most Graceful Prince Thilonde. Garantine has a childish enjoyment of causing trouble, and an impulsive habit of going her own way, against wiser counsel. It did not serve the group well in the sewers beneath the Ridgeside slums.


“I see the way you look at me, that I in plain and lowborn appearance should be nowhere near the graceful prince. You are right to think so. I have always existed within the shadows, where the light of the world did not always reach, invisible, at times, even to the eyes of my fellows. But so too was I invisible to the servants of Thilonde’s enemies. I am the Unseen Corrector, and I set broken dreams to rights at my master’s command. We go now to set one of those broken dreams right, and to break others in turn. Come with me.

‘It’s not the enemy you see that gets you,’ hissed Garantine. ‘It’s the one you don’t.’

’I will hang back, and work such terrors upon their minds that the death you bring will seem sweet release.’

“This kind of living, the hourtohour, daybyday existence that the common people find so easy… I have tried it, several times. It is a hell of stultifying torpor. I hated the idea of this interminable yesterday and today and tomorrow. I crave the now. I am quite happy you move with me in this moment – let us make the most of it”


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