Prince Malgonar Enedras

The Blessed, The Prince Encarmine


Malgonar is the eldest of the three princes, and is known for his sandy hair and bright green eyes. Ever maintaining the courtly appearance of the presumptive ruler of Illmor, he wears fine raiment and jewelry in the Carmine Red of his family line, The House of Aunheath, and is almost never seen without his silk gloves. The rare exception to this regal attire is found when he rides for the hunt with his prized hawk, Galadir.

Malgonar is, in his own words, ‘a prince of his church and his people’. Not one who is blind to the political reality of his situation, Prince Malgonar will need some convincing if he is to be the first to suggest military action against the Hobgoblin invaders, or at least reassurance that it is truly in the interest of his subjects.

As the hobgoblin incursion strengthens, and their forces near the walls of “his” city, Malgonar is becoming ever more frayed and disorganized, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by our heroes.


“Bountiful Fate has presented us with the means by which we might repair those wounds upon our souls caused by the weakness of centuries past. It is not only our duty but your right to face the darkness again; to stare into the abyss of the unknown. This time we shall be the cleansing light in the shadow, the burning beacon of righteous war. Restore the honor of the shamed fallen through the death of our foes!”

“Ruling The Princely City is like riding a bull by hanging on to its ears; You don’t want to hold on, but you don’t want to let go”

While aware of some of Oron Ritham‘s less savory qualities, The Prince Encarmine nonetheless sticks by his man, praising his ’effectiveness’ and ‘discretion’ in his service.

Prince Malgonar Enedras

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