Prince Thilonde Enedras

The Graceful


Thilonde is tall and willowy, with silken white hair and narrow hazel eyes. He prefers well-made clothing, typically charcoal velvet threaded with platinum weaves, but also is often found wearing a single uncut and unpolished amber stone set into a simple pendant. The youngest of his princely cousins, and ruler of The House of Bacot, he has somewhat of a reputation of disinterest in political activities and the trappings of rule. How much of this is true, of course, is more difficult to know.

Not willing to sacrifice elven lives for a God whom he does not worship, Thilonde could still be swayed to lend his voice to the recapture of the Carok Monastery given the right motivations and treated with favors in kind.

After all, even the loftiest of princes have desires all their own.


‘Dark times, my new friends, but aren’t all great moments in history seeded in the dark?’ he said, crossing his legs as he reclined on his sofa. ‘Nobody remembers those who lived in times of joy and plenty.’

‘The universe is a gathering of the unknown. That has always been true.’

Prince Thilonde Enedras

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