Sybeth Colke

Innkeeper at The Sleeping Beggar


The innkeeper of The Sleeping Beggar is a shrewd human named Sybeth Colke. Accustomed to thieves and beggars, she is not quick to trust these new guests of hers, but they pay well enough.

Having worked in the midst of The Princely City of Illmor for many years, Sybeth is well versed in the comings and goings of the poor and underclass of society. As such, the rumors she is privy to, while somewhat unreliable, always make for a good tale and a hearty laugh from the otherwise sour innkeeper. These laughs seem to come the loudest when she is in the company of her old friend Eledhron.

Sybeth has a very good habit of remembering her guest’s favorite meals, and a very bad habit of opening their mail out of curiosity.


Sybeth Colke

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